The Weekly Shuffle Thread Goes West

Been listening to music on shuffle play? Want an opportunity to show off your impeccable taste in music? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Even if you haven’t been shuffling today but listened to an amazing random mix of songs at some point earlier in the week or in your life, please feel free to share it right here.

This is exexalien, filling in for the absent Thin White Duke. My best guess is that the Duke either overindulged yesterday and is still recovering, or got trapped in a Black Friday nightmare while trying to purchase some sort of newfangled shuffle machine. Whatever the case, I hope he makes a swift recovery and is back to shuffling with us soon.

This week’s theme is songs with “California” in the title, which I chose simply because I noticed there are a lot of songs in my library with “California” in the title. Of course, feel free to choose a different state, a city, a town, or any other geographical region – though some will obviously be more difficult than others. As a Canadian it would have been nice to choose a province, but alas I do not have enough songs with one specific place name in the title to put together a dedicated shuffle.

(Yes, I am aware that this song does not have “California” in the title)

So, without further ado: It’s the Weekly Shuffle Thread!!!!!!

What have you been listening to?