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The Friday Politics Thread Melts Down

Good morning everyone, and Happy Friday!

I was thinking about the news media in the United States this morning. It’s really pretty terrible, if you think about it.

It seems to be mostly Twitter based, headline grabbing hot takes that are fired off with dubious credibility and incomplete facts. The “blue ripple” crap from last week is a great example. “Dems in disarray!” How about you wait for votes to actually be counted, Hot Take Factory?

Oh, and forget TV news. Half of it seems neutered, the other half is outright propaganda.

But what do you do? We live in an era of ADHD powered news streams, and the reality show quality of it is part of the reason Trump is president, and part of the reason he hasn’t been impeached yet. Yuuuge ratings!

Okay, rant over.

Do not threaten Mayor McSquirrel!