The Contras: It’s not for you

And we’re back after a necessary hiatus for more unnecessary thoughts.

I loved the Rocky movies growing up – I’m a white, male after all – and so I recently read a review of the new Creed movie to see if it was worth seeing in the theater or waiting until it shows up on some kind of TV / streaming / on-demand service.  The review as well as the comments crapped all over Rocky IV as the worst of the franchise, some people even saying that Rocky V was actually better it’s just been removed from the cannon because it doesn’t leave any room for the current crop of sequels starting with Rocky Balboa.  Now as a middle aged guy who has learned a lot about cinema over the years I understand that Rocky IV is an objectively stupid, jingoistic movie that plays like a Ronald Reagan wet dream.  But I didn’t see it when I was 46, I didn’t see it after the Cold War was over, I didn’t see it after I knew Stallone took more steroids than the Drago Character in the movie.  I watched it at 13, in a theater, with my Marine veteran, Republican Dad.  I of course have watched it since, and I love it – for the same reason I love the Chipmunk’s Christmas song (within reason) and any time Kermit The Frog comes on TV – nostalgia I guess.  Moreover, we sometimes forget about who things are made for when we review movies and TV shows.  Sure we love that Adventure Time can be enjoyed by adults as well as kids, but that doesn’t mean Victorious is bad because only 7-15 year old girls enjoy it. (Okay, Okay I like Victorious I have daughters.)

So what giant piece of crap do you like because of when you saw it?  And what piece of media do you think is unfairly maligned because the “adult nerd culture” arbiters expect everything to be written for them?