Avocado Fantasy Football Week 11

What a week. I say this largely because I took down the first place team by 1.28 points, but I’m willing to accept it regardless. We have Jon Hamm continuing his run, pushing him ever closer to competing for the playoffs. We have Meximart somehow still winning despite not a single pick-up made all year (what the hell is this?). And primarily, we have Dan losing. I’m sorry Dan.

The standings are incredibly cluttered with only 3 weeks left. Eltneg is 100% gonna be in the playoffs, and NUME is very likely to make it as well. Other than that, there are 9 teams fighting for 4 spots and anything can happen. Some exciting times are ahead here, now if only Dan can pull out a surprise spoiler win in the meantime as a frame of reference. For now, enjoy the perfect symmetry of 5 teams being 5-5 starting with 5th place.

Week 10 ends


Well, we have playoff implications galore here for this week. I’m heavily down in points due to endless bye weeks this week, but never count me out. Everywhere else, well, it’s gonna be a hell of a week of positioning determinants. Allison and Jon Hamm probably need to win this week to stay alive, and I doubt that’ll be too much of an issue for Allison. Everyone else, get pumped for rolling.

Week 11 matchups

As for general NFL news, the header is a tribute to our greatest NFL QB, The Peter Man. May you forever live on you beautiful soul post being cut by the Bills. Everything else, the Lions suck and I hate them, the Chiefs/Saints/Rams/Steelers are good and the Eagles could be screwing up their own chances here. Anyways, feel free to discuss any fantasy stuff or football news below.