Jeopardy! recap for Tue., Nov. 13

Jeopardy! recap for Tue., Nov. 13 – Going into day five of the Teen Tournament, a lone non-winner could advance with a score over $6,800, while both non-winners would move on with scores of at least $17,000. Taking on the challenge were these contestants:

– Autumn, a junior from Missouri, took the online test in a bathroom stall;
– Rohan, a senior from North Carolina, participated in the Junior Leadership Academic Bowl; and
– Maggie, a sophomore from Florida, is a big fan of Peyton Manning (no mention of Eli).

Maggie came on very strongly at the end of DJ to take first place, but all three players had a chance to advance depending on the outcome of FJ, with Maggie at $12,700, Autumn with $12,400 and Rohan at $9,800.

DD1 – TEEN TITANS – 18-year-old Octavian won over the Roman army when he held games in honor of this slain leader in 44 B.C. (Maggie won $1,500)

DD2 – PASTURE BEDTIME – This fertility deity aka Faunus has been seen frolicking in the pasture; he usually takes a nap around noon (Autumn lost $2,200)

DD3 (video) – WHERE ARE WE? – (Note: Gateway Arch can be seen in the background) I’m in this city on the Mississippi that’s named for a French king and actually belonged to France from 1800 to 1803 (Autumn won $800)

FJ – 20TH CENTURY LITERATURE – Chapter 1 of this 1954 British novel is entitled “The Sound of the Shell”

Autumn and Rohan were correct on FJ, and for a moment it appeared Rohan’s timid wager of $2,100 might cost him a wild card spot. But when Maggie was incorrect and lost $12,401 to finish at $299, Rohan got that fourth wild card with $11,900, while Autumn took the game by adding $7,200 to end at $19,600.

Triple Stumpers of the day: In the “Rhymes With A Vowel” category, the teens didn’t know that “bashful, or short of the full amount” is shy. They also were unaware that the “Super Bowl of NASCAR” takes place at Daytona, and a video of goats falling over didn’t lead them to “fainting”.

Correct Qs:
DD1 – Who was Julius Caesar?
DD2 – Who is Pan?
DD3 – What is St. Louis?
FJ – What is “Lord of the Flies”?