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The Monday Politics Thread Observes Veteran’s Day

Today isn’t Veteran’s Day, but it’s something just as good for those of us with half-decent jobs; the day of observation, where we get the day off to buy stuff for cheap!

No, wait, that’s not what the day is meant for…..it’s on the tip of my tongue…..

Oh yeah, it’s a day for our president to presumably ignore our veterans again due to a light drizzle. But hopefully, the rest of us don’t. The military and our various wars may not be everything we agree on, but for those who enlist because they want to be able to shoot guns and hurt or kill people, there are many more like my father who joined the Marines because he was looking at becoming a repeat offender and ended up in Vietnam, and now has bone cancer, diabetes, and several other issues thanks to Agent Orange.  Or my great-uncle who died on the Korean Peninsula, the baby of the family, who survives as a memory on a memorial in Sugarland, Texas. Or my dad’s best friend who came home with shrapnel in his hip, and who can now barely walk.  Veteran’s Day is for my dad, and his friend, and my uncles, and my grandfathers. And for Emmanuel Macron to throw some excellent shade at the man we still, unfortunately, have to call Mr. President.  Nationalism is indeed a betrayal of patriotism.  Don’t only think about yourself; think about others as well.

It’s the Monday politics thread, and it’s my day off.