Drawvocado #1 – Draw Each Other

Hello everyone and welcome to the first Drawvocado! What the heck is that, you ask? It’s a drawing game for avocados! It’s very simple, top level comments are requests, and replies are drawings. Each Drawvocado thread will have a theme for the drawings.

This time, we’ll start by drawing each other! The top level comments will be requests for people to draw them with as much or little information about themselves as they please, and responses will be drawings of the commenters.

Don’t know what they look like? That’s fine! Redraw their avatar! Or draw how you think they might look! Or draw them as a robot riding a crocodile with a chainsaw!

Can’t draw well? That’s fine! Just make adorable stick figures!

Don’t have a fancy drawing program? Try using paint or draw on a piece of paper and take a picture!

The goal here is to have fun and play around so be kind and don’t take things too hard if someone’s drawing of you sucks or if you don’t get a ton of responses.

If people like this thread enough, I’ll try and do it as a regular feature.