Couch Avocados: TV Discussion Thread

Hello, all! Yesterday in Tolerable Discussions, there was interest shown in a general weekly discussion thread for TV. As it happens, I am home from work waiting for a plumber to come help my sink have pipes again, so I thought I’d throw one up to see how it goes. Right now, I’m scheduling this for 12:30 EST on Thursday, largely because, again, I am home now and watching Babylon 5 on my couch. But I’ll put up a comment asking for general feedback about timing etc.

As with Book Nook, Weekly Gaming Threads, etc, this is a general discussion thread. All TV is fair game! Are you catching up with some oldies? Binging whatever is on Netflix? Has television replaced all meaningful relationships in your life? Tell us about it here!

Optional discussion topic: What’s your TV comfort food?