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Avocado Fantasy Football Week 10

What a week! Or something to that ilk. Jon Hamm confirmed he was back in it by walloping to mock me for making fun of him all year. Kappa finally lost again, we have an even further glut of 5-4 teams, Eltneg reigns supreme still, Meximart’s utter commitment to never picking up anybody somehow pays off and…well Dan lost again.

Just to go back to the standings a bit, it looks like Eltneg/NUME are locked into playoff spots with 4 weeks in the regular season left. The rest are totally up for grabs, as Sludge currently is in despite having the second fewest points in the league and mathematically anyone can take over. Mostly it’s just important for me to get in to save face, though.



Now this week we have me against…Eltneg. Shit. This sucks again. Anyways, we have a match-up where both guys are projected to score 72 points, and hey maybe Dan can get his first win! Anyways, another seesaw week continues just as we remain the Ryan Fitzpatrick of fantasy leagues.


As always, if you have any fantasy thoughts to discuss in any league, feel free to do so below. Since Dez Bryant just signed with the Saints about a half hour ago, you can also discuss that. I don’t know, I’m not your doctor. The Lions suck.