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The Tuesday Politics Thread Settles In For A Comfortable Relaxed Leisurely Stress-Free Day

Just kidding, today is the US Midterm Election, as though you didn’t already know. So if you’re in the States, make sure you VOTE, post your I Voted sticker here for easy upvotes, then come back here to join us as we once again gaze upon the glory that is…THE NEEDLE.

It is my understanding that once the fur begins to fly, our gracious Leader Beans will set up another thread as they see fit, once this one gets so bloated with Jeb! memes that the site itself begins to shudder and creak. So be on the lookout for that!


As always, be excellent to each other, only flag those posts what break the rules, Mayor McSquirrel rule is in effect, beware the siren song of the Sex Clam, and if it gets hairy out there, grab ahold of a mod at avocadomods@gmail.com.