The Avocado

What Did You Do This Weekend?

If you live in the United States (except Arizona and Hawaii), you participated in the bizarre ritual known as the end of Daylight Savings Time, when we all dutifully set our clocks back an hour without really having any idea why.

The tide appears to be turning against DST, thank goodness. The European Union has recommended abandoning when they call “summer time”. Individual countries make their own laws regarding DST, but a recent poll suggested that 80% of EU citizens want to dump this archaic practice. On Tuesday, voters in California will make a decision on Proposition 7, which, if it passes, allows the state legislature to potentially establish a permanent, year-round DST. Florida has also made efforts to enact a similar law.

I don’t really care whether we adopt standard time or DST all year, I just think the practice of moving our clocks back and forth every few months is pointless and costly.

So, that’s what you (probably) did this weekend. Now tell us what else you did!