Avocado Fantasy Football Week 9

It’s the halfway point of the season and past that for fantasy football! Hooray for progress. Given the parity of our league altogether, essentially every team besides Dan still has a chance, so never count yourself out regardless! Now, going back to last week, we saw some patterns. Kappa has won 4 in a row, going from 1-3 to 5-3 and in third place. Eltneg also won his 4th consecutive match-up, tightening his firm grasp on first place by the lone autodrafted team. The good news is that I’ve joined the long list of 4-4 teams, hooray for your commish everybody!

Week 8


One note before next weeks points: I’m categorically confused as to whether Meximart is physically capable of doing a pick-up in this league. Anyways, it’s another week where Kappa probably wins, and NUME gets back on track vs Dan. I’m rooting for Dan though, maybe this will be his week. Screw it, let’s give him this week as a victory by happenstance.

Week 9

Now we did have a few trades, notably the man in my header going from Detroit to Philly to help the defending champs. I apologize to the Cowboys fandom for seeing them trade a first rounder for Amari Cooper when Golden Tate went for a third, but such is life in this world. Demaryius Thomas also has a new home, and the Packers got worse for some reason. Anyways, Block & Tackle will cover that maybe. For now, talk amongst yourselves in a fantasy dynamic. All things fantasy.