Food Thread ‘s First Birthday! 10/28

Monday marks a year since my first Avocado Food Thread! Hmm, that header looks oddly familiar, maybe I need some new photos. I started the thread on the disqus AV Club After Dark page, here’s that inaugural thread, geez 3 years ago? Time sure flies. Here’s my first post for those of you who don’t want to open the link-

I’m going to give it a go at starting up a Sunday evening (at least for US central time) food thread. I love trying different foods and cooking and baking are bigtime passions in our house. If you want to post what you just ate, something you really want to try, recipes, restaurants, whatever you’ve been into as far as food it’s fair game. Let us know what you’ve been reading about food too, cookbooks, blogs, who’s your favorite food writer? Work in the industry? Give us your stories, blow off some steam whatever works.
If this gets some traction I’ll be happy to do one every week.

In honor of the Food Thread’s first year on the-avocado, what’s your ideal birthday meal, experience? Credit where due, the image above came from here. I didn’t have a ton of luck finding Avocado Smash Cake images, my search mainly yielded toast.