The Avocado

Sunday Food Thread

Hot Dog! My first WordPress/Avocado discussion post and it’s Sunday again and time to eat! To kick off the food thread on the new site here’s my original header from March 20, 2016-

I’m going to give it a go at starting up a Sunday evening (at least for US central time) food thread. I love trying different foods and cooking and baking are bigtime (sic) passions in our house. If you want to post what you just ate, something you really want to try, recipes, restaurants, whatever you’ve been into as far as food it’s fair game. Let us know what you’ve been reading about food too, cookbooks, blogs, who’s your favorite food writer? Work in the industry? Give us your stories, blow off some steam whatever works.

Moving ahead I’m going to do my best to live up to the suggestions I made above and get some livelier discussions going. I’m going to shoot for a noon-ish (Central Time) posting from now on too.

In the spirit of snishy’s Food Adventures thread earlier this week I’ll ask what’s the predominant “ethnic” food in the area you live? I’m in Chicago and it’s truly a melting pot of a city, so many different kinds of cuisine are represented and ingredients to make those are readily available. Lately I’ve been particularly fond of Indian food, there are countless Indian grocery stores all around the city and ‘burbs to scratch that masala itch when it hits.