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Avocado Fantasy Football: Week 8

Hey everybody, it’s another week gone! We are halfway through the regular season and it has never been more topsy turvy (except for Dan, sorry Dan). We had my absurd scoring week, which was nice. Though sorry Allison for such. We had NUME losing for the second straight week, which resulted in a new number 1! Our only full auto draft individual is in first place. How about that?



This next week could determine a lot, as the glutton of teams from 3-10 could be flipped around quite a bit. Look at me, in a battle to determine supremacy. Or Allison looking to bounceback against Kappa. Or AWP with his freshly ruined scoring streak (by yours truly) against Sludge. Also can Jon Hamm topple Eltneg’s bizarre first place beginning? Anything could happen…except for poor Dan.


Everybody have a good week except for people in front of me, topple so I can rise. Discuss any and all fantasy below, as well as dumb trades by the Cowboys with overpaying for Amari Cooper, and the Giants not getting anything for pretty good players like Snacks Harrison.