The Avocado

What Did You Do This Weekend?

Here’s what you didn’t do this weekend…

… you didn’t see An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn.

Jim Hosking, writer/director of the intentionally repugnant and tedious The Greasy Strangler, somehow managed to convince real actors to appear in his follow-up feature. Good ones, too, including Aubrey Plaza, Jemaine Clement, and Craig Robinson (who plays the titular Beverly Luff Linn).

Nick Allen of says this movie “is terrible, but I bet the outtakes are incredible”. The movie played in 16 theaters this weekend, with a per-screen average of $300. Considering the average price of a movie ticket in the urban markets this likely played in, less than 500 people in the world saw this. Luckily, you weren’t one of them.

So, that’s what you didn’t do this weekend. Now tell us what you did!