The Contras: Trump is Right

There are endless stories about a sense of calmness that overcomes people when they know they are going to die.  King Louis XVI was supposed to have said right before his execution, “May my blood cement the good fortune of the French.”  Hardly the words of a panicking idiot.  There are many other examples, those on death row, soldiers in harrowing circumstances writing beautiful letters full of, well serenity for lack of a better term.

I bring this up because for the last two years there has been a relentless pecking at my soul.  Every undemocratic action, every racist dog whistle, every whataboutism clouding an abomination that should be clear as day to the whole country; has chipped away that much more of my faith in humanity and the future.  If I’m being honest with myself, I think my actual physical health has suffered along with my emotional and spiritual being.  But I believe I have now found serenity and that serenity is in the title of this article – Trump is right.

Not right in correct, or just or moral – right in that he has won and thus he is right because he will use the power of his office, the cowardice of the Senate and the factionalisms of the country to continue winning.  If you always get your way – then in a sense, the Infallibility of the Pope sense, you are always right.  Trump has won; he will be our President until the day he dies.  I say this not because I enjoy it on any level – no I say this because I have made peace with it.  Like Louis about to stick his head under the waiting blade of the guillotine I will not struggle and will maintain my dignity.

I have come to this sense of acceptance not because of Kavanagh, no that could have happened under any Republican president – George W. was apparently calling Senators on Brett’s behalf.  No, rather it was the Time’s story.  An exhaustive piece of journalism, well documented, beautifully written and presented in three separate formats; the long-form article, short videos and a summary article so it would be assessable to anyone – yet really no effect.  The President of the United States, whose whole persona is built on his business acumen is shown to be nothing but a lucky trust fund baby who furthermore used fraud and illegality to inherit his Daddy’s money all the while screwing the IRS, the State of New York, and more importantly (as I think the IRS and NY State are big enough to take care of themselves) the tenants and contractors that lived and worked in his Dad’s buildings.  What the essentially zero reaction shows me is that nothing that comes out in the Mueller report is going to matter.  The Democrats will not take the Senate, and people won’t really care – because a vast number of those who hate Trump believe that posting anti-Trump or anti-GOP messages on Facebook, or Pro-Elizabeth Warren memes on Twitter is actual advocacy for a position.

The story goes that the French Foreign Minister was visiting Stalin in Moscow in 1935, the Minister told Stalin that the Pope asks him to stop persecuting Catholics in Russia.  Stalin’s response was, “The Pope, how many divisions has he got?”  Trump has all the divisions, both in a military sense and in an ethereal sense – in that our divisions are so great we really have no way to stop him. The press that he pillories are actually his best friends as they like truth, but prefer ratings – and Trump is great for ratings.  So in the immortal words of Coach Knight, “Just lay back and enjoy it.”  Because it’s happening just the same.