So You Think You Can Think: Puzzle 10

Today, SYTYCT turns ten! Pretty soon it will be shaving, then it’ll be old enough to drive and to be a disappointment to its parents. I’ve never been prouder.

Speaking of disappointments, let’s quickly review last week’s unusual puzzle type. Not as many participants, but that’s okay. It was out of left field, but I enjoyed making it. Confused as to how a string of gibberish could be considered clues? All shall be revealed…


The character string, when broken up and reconsidered verbally, all corresponded to a single word that would then fit in the grid. So, in order, we had:

  1. Embraces (M plus braces)
  2. Germinate (the German word for “eight”)
  3. Attendees (At followed by ten D’s)
  4. Robotics (symbol for Rho, then Thai Baht, then X)
  5. Sixth Sense (one-sixth followed by two “cent” signs)
  6. Pound for pound
  7. Bangor (Exclamation mark in African languages, and OR in symbolic logic)
  8.  Beta keratin (Greek letter, carat, letter N)
  9. Colin Powell (colon, “pow”, letter L)
  10. One hundred yard dash (300 feet, em-dash)

When entered into the grid correctly, the circled letters can be rearranged to spell SYMBOLIC LOGIC, which you needed to apply to solve the dang thing!


Today’s puzzle, Film Editing, requires a little movie trivia knowledge, or some serious iMDB-fu. Each clue consists of a movie title, and an actor who isn’t in that movie. All you need to do is edit both parts. Replace the title with an actor who was in that movie, and the actor with a film he or she was in. Here’s the catch: the result will run together vocally, making a charmingly unified whole! Here are a couple of examples:

Pret-a-Porter starring Susan Sarandon.
Sofia Loren was in Pret-a-Porter
Lorenzo’s Oil 
had Susan Sarandon.
Answer: Sofia Lorenzo’s Oil

The First Wives Club starring Kathrine Hepburn
Answer: Goldie Hawn Golden Pond
(Goldie Hawn + On Golden Pond)

Let’s remake some movie history!

  1. The Sixth Sense starring John Goodman
  2. Under the Cherry Moon starring Ellen Page
  3. Steel Magnolias starring Sonia Braga
  4. V for Vendetta starring Chris Tucker
  5. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen starring Divine
  6. Serenity starring Roger Moore
  7. Crazy, Stupid Love starring John Ritter
  8. The Sun Also Rises starring Justin Timberlake
  9. Pulp Fiction starring Paul Reiser
  10. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer starring Roger Daltrey
  11. The Green Mile starring Kirsten Dunst
  12. Road to Perdition staring Anthony Quinn
  13. Country Strong starring Kevin Bacon
  14. Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) starring Joanne Woodward