Best Video Game Tournament – 8-Bit Years – Winner

No surprises here: the winner of the 8-Bit Years Video Game Tournament was also the top of the nominations, the top seeded game, and the top voted game in most rounds. You collectively voted Super Mario Bros. 3 as the finest game of this generation.

Tetris wins second place, and The Legend of Zelda is in third.

Couple of notes about the next tournament:

The next tournament is hopefully going to be extremely interesting as we’re hitting possibly the most celebrated generation of them all. I’m planning to hold off for a couple of weeks before posting it so that the people of the Avocado don’t get tired of these every day (and so I don’t get tired of making them every day). So the current plan is early to mid November.

The plans for the next generation restrictions are:

  • All Super NintendoSega GenesisNeoGeo and TurboGrafx games
  • All Game Boy games released before 1995 [This special restriction was added because the Game Boy spans two full generations.]
  • All games for consoles and handhelds considered fourth generation
  • All PC and arcade games released between 1990 and 1994 inclusive

Let me know what you think about these plans! Thanks for participating!