Avocado Fantasy Football: Week 6

Another week in, and finally I’m just going full homer with the featured image. Embrace everyone’s inner Kenny Golladay. Anyways, we had another topsy turvy week. Still a 5-0 team, still an 0-5 team and a bunch of parody in between. MexiMart’s reign at the second spot ends after getting just plastered by AWP, and his lead over the next place team is 0.52 points, which seems nuts. Now here are the last week world and standings…



9th place for me, just disgraceful work. Anyways, onto this week! We have NUME again with a massive favorability here, probably gonna win as usual. SOMEONE WILL BEAT HIM EVENTUALLY! A win for me would be cool this week, though. What’s that, my QB, RB and Kicker are on bye? Nevermind that nonsense.



Anyways, good luck to everybody this week. Looking forward to more nonsense standings outside of the constant at the top and bottom. Note that all fantasy discussion is welcome, the only two undefeated teams left in the NFL have really bad defenses and the Pats will probably beat the Chiefs this week.