The Thursday Politics Thread Is Helping

Morning Politocadoes!

Well, here we are. On the eve of the committee vote for what’s shaping up to be one of the most wildly unsuitable appointments to Supreme Court and the President is still finding ways to somehow make it worse.

Following his bonkers speech to the UN that was laughed at in a derisive fashion, Trump sensed he was needed elsewhere. Yes, somewhere in Foggy Bottom there was a man in need of his best words. A man attacked from all sides by allegations of sexual assault and heavy drinking. Yes, his man Bart O’Cavanaugh was being slammed and he, Trump, in all his large-brain-having glory had to say something.

“I’m Helping! I’m Helping! Helping you!”

The press conference that followed read more like an Airing of Grievances for Festivus than any sort of defense. Trump cited a Mr. Pilsbury regarding China’s respect for his very large brain. Now, whether this Pilsbury filgure was in fact Poppin’ Fresh or Pops Freshenmeyer, no one is certain. What is certain is that Trump probably huffs furniture polish before he does anything. He attacked George Washington, the recently deceased John McCain, and of course, attacked all of the women who have come forward about their encounters with Bret Kavanaugh.

So that was all extremely presidential.

And with that, we are now at the day of Dr. Blasey-Ford’s testimony. My guess is she will be poised and professional and that Orrin Hatch will say something shitty that only an old white male misogynist in a position of power would say and tommorow the rest of the GOP senators will vote in lock-step while mentioning being ‘very concerned’.

This is not normal. Let’s look at Jake Tapper while he stares at the Mountains of Madness.

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