Avocado Fantasy Football: Week 4

Hello everybody, it’s another week in the fantasy football world. As of this moment, we have 2 undefeated teams left (congrats to NUME and autodraft master Eltneg), as well as one winless team (sorry Dan). NUME is stacked as hell, so stopping him seems like a daunting task but hey anything is possible. Just look at Sludge, only scoring 57.64 points this week after being 2-0. Fantasy football is a whirlwind of true pain. Anyways, let’s take a closer look at last week and the current standings…



So you see here, we have SIX 1-2 teams, so really the parody here is striking. NUME has nearly 50 points more than the next person, while JonHamm has been dealt the most points in his match-ups (I will rise above him this week, don’t worry everybody). Now onto this week…


qwel'qwel-eqHope you look forward to your first win this week, Dan. I plan on falling apart spectacularly. Though the good news is that the 3-0 teams are facing off, so one of them goes bye bye this week for further parody.

Random NFL Notes: Rams still probably the best team around, Josh Allen is the hero we need, the Lions are back baby and the Pats are dead because I said so. The rest will be covered by Block & Tackle probably.