Werewolf 72: I Am Everything That Happens: Day One – “The Whisper”

The quiet is all you’re left with, after the mass engulfs the horizon. After it runs through and over, spilling into every crevice, the darkness permeating every corner and cranny and crevice with its inky appendages, the only thing you can feel after the screams, and the flashes of red, and the wailing sirens, is the quiet. Now there is nothing.

You stumble out of the supermarket to meet an empty parking lot. Once thriving, now dead and decayed, as if nothing had ever, could ever, live here. Only the distant trees, coated in ashy grey flakes, betray any hint of what once had been. Life, and its myriad variations, the splendid colors it once drew across the landscape, now a sickly charcoal, the color of the remnants after a cleansing flame has unleashed its hideous and fearsome fury. This is all we are.

Where are the cars? Where are the sounds of modern life, the distant drone of traffic and the atonal beeps of horns and tires squelching…where are the birds? The silence is your only answer. Perhaps, as you shift your ears, you can catch just the barest hint of an whisper, a whisper as it wafts down through the skies…the skies! Once a glorious azure, now the color of tears, the pallid and waxen clouds dot all the way down and beyond the skyline, sitting like pockmarks on a diseased, deathly face. It looks at you, and you shiver.

You all survey yourselves. 22 souls, the only ones remaining after the mass invaded. Perhaps the howling was the life of the world being snuffed out in a last gasp of agony. But if so…why are you here?

The mottled, smoky grass that seems to wither as your footsteps draw close don’t otherwise move, perhaps the most unsettling sign. There is…no wind. The mind abhors the absence of being, being unable or unwilling to comprehend the vacuum that remains after the world has ended. This should not be, and yet is, or always was.

22 souls.

Do you wish to seek answers, or oblivion?



  • 1 Maturin
  • 1 Almalexia
  • 4 Lycanafabulae
  • 1 Gafinilan
  • 1 Mertil
  • 1 Javert
  • 1 O’Brien
  • 1 Castle
  • 1 Elend
  • 1 du Pont
  • 9 Narremes


  1. Lamb Dance
  2. El Marinero
  3. Owen1120
  4. Lindsayfunke
  5. Little Miss Giggle Fits
  6. SisterJudeTheObscure
  7. InnDEE….D
  8. D. Goat
  9. Lutair
  10. Dw
  11. Doctor Nick
  12. HohoPossum
  13. Robert Post’s Child
  14. Creeper
  15. April L.K.D.
  16. Notevenanerd
  17. Spiny Creature
  18. LouieBlue
  19. Sic humor
  20. HolsGG
  21. Candide
  22. Warrior

Day 1 will end at 6pm Pacific on Tuesday, September 25th, or if a majority of 12 votes is reached. Ties in voting will result in a random death, chosen from among the top vote-receivers.

Editing posts, or directly quoting any part of your QT without permission, is not allowed.

Roleplay is encouraged, but not required.

Last, and most certainly not least…I cannot be trusted.