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Greatest Sci-Fi Novel: Nominations!


  1. Must be a novel. No short story collections (unless there’s a frame story like I, Robot).
  2. Must be a single novel. You can nominate any Dune book, but you can’t nominate the Dune series as a whole.
  3. Must be sci-fi. I’m generally going by “if it’s usually branded as sci-fi, then it’s sci-fi,” but if you have a more unorthodox suggestion that you think fits, make your case and I’ll hear it. I reserve the right to cancel any nomination that isn’t sci-fi, but I will be liberal with that term. (I’m nipping this in the bud: no, Tolkien is not sci-fi.)

Other than that, standard Avocado tournament procedures apply. Please don’t downvote. It won’t affect the ranks, but it will make my life harder.