The Thursday Politics Thread Wants Another Summit

Morning Politocadoes!

A brief post for the sake of expediency today.

So! President Moon Jae-In of the Republic of Korea claims that Kim Jong-Un wants another summit with Trump to continue de-nuclearization. The de-nuclearization process that so far has not happened in any meaningful way. But apparently other concessions would be in place: inspection of the closed nuclear site by an international team, and the potential end of the nuclear war. Trump is reportedly eager for it. He’ll take any Win he can get at this point. As for Kim, I’ll bet he wants another summit. He’ll take as many speeches from Trump flattering him as he can get for propaganda purposes. This all strikes me as very odd. Particularly considering that there’s no clear idea of what denuclearization means for North Korea. It also seems very convenient for a certain balding mad man who happens to occupy the Oval Office that North Korea wants to end the Korean War by year’s end.

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