Avocado Fantasy Football: Week 3

Another week gone by in this dangerous thing we call a league. We have three undefeated teams left, and three winless. I am in neither, so there’s some good and bad with this distinction. But everyone yell at NUME for being good, as he is steamrolling the league. Also laugh at Kappa for going from highest points to lowest from week to week, something I didn’t think could happen.



As you can see, NUME is at the top, autodraft mega individual Eltneg is hanging onto second place and Sludge’s cupcake schedule gifts him two wins. As king of the league, Sludge must always be stopped, as per decorum. Anyways, Jon Hamm won so I can’t make jokes at him this week, so let’s get on it AWP/Dan!


So yes, all three undefeated and all three winless could still be so after this week. The ways of this league, tsk tsk. Anyways, go me, boo Meximart for the week and good luck everybody else!

NOTE: Ryan Fitzpatrick is the new king of the NFL, Patrick Mahomes may or may not be Peyton Manning but with lateral movement, the Steelers have more drama than anybody else so please cheer for their destruction, and Josh Gordon has a new home…of course he is on a Pats fan’s team here. ALL THE SAME.