Werewolves 71: The Masque of the Red Wolf – Day Three

After the escape of the crocodile, the party went back into full swing. Mutton was passed around, delicate fruit consumed, various drinks were drunk. The masks, now in various rooms, took on unique colors and provided an interesting display.

Due to some agreement during the day, the red and purple rooms seemed quite full. Each noble brought with them an entourage of hangers-on, servants, and busybodies. A cough rang out in one of the crowded rooms, almost wet in its sound.

Still, the revelry was only barely slowed by the elbow-touching. The nobles danced and laughed and ate and sang. All was merry until a servant girl screamed. “Master Candide, no!” as the guests parted, the nobles saw that Candide of Occam had been stabbed in the neck. He was dead before anyone could even suggest leeches.

Candide/Candide of Occam is dead. He was a Noble [Vanilla Town].

The nobles began to discuss this revelation when suddenly, Philip Morris spoke up. “I think I can hazard a guess as to who killed good Candide. It was–” then, from behind his green mask, a spout of red blood splashed out. He coughed, then collapsed, dead.

April/Phillip Morris is dead. He was a Noble [Vanilla Town].

“The Red– SERVANTS, remove these bodies, and burn them,” demanded Prospero with haste. As the servants left, Prospero whispered to another servant “When they’re done, burn the servants. Can’t be too careful.”

After some horror at the revelation, the group looked around warily. “Let us take some time to discuss this, then the revelry will commence once more,” said Prospero, keeping his air of confidence as well as he could.

(The Hayes Code has replaced spookyfriend)


  1. Captain Video – Æthylene of Glycol, alchemist at large – Orange
  2. The Lion King BannerThief – Banner, the Lion King – Orange
  3. hohoPetrarpossum – Petrarch’s Possom – Blue
  4. Lady Agnes Goatsborough – Lady Agnes Goatsborough of Hircuston Hall – Green
  5. Lord Hamletheart – Prince Hamlet of Denmark – Purple
  6. LouieBlue – Ειρήνη Παλαιολογίνα (Eirene) – Purple
  7. Owen1120 – The Scat Man – Orange
  8. sic humor – sic – Blue
  9. forget_it_agnes (jake) – Agnes – Blue
  10. Grumproro – Sarah – Green
  11. HolsGG –  Mrs. Standish – Purple
  12. spookyfriend The Hayes Code – ??? – Blue
  13. Prester John’s Child (RPC) – Michelangelo – Orange
  14. Shinichiki-Boo – ??? – Green
  15. LadyQuietbottom (LovelyBones) – Lady Quietbottom – Purple

3 Conspirators (Mafia Goons)
1 Conniver (Mafia Roleblocker)
6 Nobles (Vanilla Townies)
1 Novice Factotum (Town Backup*)
1 Amateur Inspector (Town Cop**)
1 Plague Doctor (Town Doctor)
1 Garrulus Gab (Town Jailkeeper)
1 Plaguebringer (Serial Killer***, Immune to Investigation)

*Backup to Plague Doctor, Garrulus Gab, or Amateur Inspector, whichever dies first. Choose on tie
**Inspector chooses to investigate rooms, not players. Gets hints.
***Plaguebringer victim dies the night after exposure

Third Event:

You must choose a room to mingle in between Blue, Purple, Green, Orange, or Red. Any number of people can fit in one room, but this may affect certain night actions. You must choose in the Room thread (below vote thread) by twilight or a room will be assigned to you randomly and publicly.

Remember NO EDITING POSTS. If you edit a post, you will likely be modkilled, which is bad for your entire team. Attack arguments, not people. Feel free to get into character, but votes and game-based decisions don’t necessarily have to be thoroughly character-based. Remember, this is a game. Have fun with it!

It’s a weekend, so we’ll have a bit of a long day. The day ends when there is a majority of votes or on Monday at 3PM Pacific. Countdown Timer

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