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The Thursday Politics Thread Diverts Disaster Relief Funding (again)

Morning Politocadoes!

As a terrifying hurricane bears down on the Carolinas (that may or may not have scotched a trip this weekend for your humble Lupin), it’s been discovered that the Trump Administration has been diverting fundng from FEMA to aid ICE’s incarceration of immigrant families at the border. The news was broken Tuesday night on the Rachel Maddow Show by Sen. Jeff Merkley. Despite denials from DHS, the paperwork clearly shows $10 million being diverted from hurricane relief and recovery efforts. But, as always, it gets worse with the Trump Administration, news was broken again on Maddow showing that $29 million was moved from the US Coast Guard for the same reason. The US Coast Guard, the agency first on the ground for rescue and recovery efforts. This has all happened on the eve of a hurricane season that has been called unprecedented.

With a mandatory evacuation in effect, people will hopefully be out of harm’s way. We hold our breath as the storm moves in, and hopefully, nothing too horrific will happen.


Meanwhile, Paul “Paulie Walnuts” Manafort  is seeking a plea deal: a plea deal with no cooperation. Mueller obviously won’t take him up on that. Many are speculating that since this trial will focus more on Russian collusion and thus, the Trump Presidency, this is his way of communicating to Trump he needs a pardon. As must be noted since I don’t think anyone in Trump’s orbit knows how pardons work, Manafort’s taking of a pardon waves him of any fifth amendment protections. They would jsut subpoena Manafort if Trump did anything that conspicuously dumb.

Finally,  Senator Corey Booker has continued to release documents for the American public’s perusal from Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s record that the committee chairman deemed not fit for release. I really don’t care what other ambitions he happens to harbor, he’s doing the people a service.

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