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Avocado Week 2 Fantasy Football

So, that was a week. We had some highs (Kappa demolishing me), some lows (Kappa demolishing me) and you other jabronis did stuff too I guess. Le’Veon Bell is still out in a place where I take his side, so this is tough for me. Also the Bills/Lions/Cardinals are very bad, and it turns out the Vikings are good. Who knew.

As for other league, here is last week, as well as the standings.



It is important for my psyche that you all remember this is just Week One. IT’S JUST WEEK ONE, I WILL BOUNCE BACK. Jon Hamm though, you’re screwed. Sorry bud. But everybody seems relatively active, the chat is working out, people are working the waiver wires, let’s do it. Crush Kappa(tilism). Anyways, here is this week’s match-ups…


Good luck to everybody except for Wingy this week! And remember that this is a long, long, long season for everyone except Nathan Peterman, whom I included to remind everybody he sucks.