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The Friday Politics Thread Awaits Judge-ment

Good morning everyone, and Happy (Firing) Friday!

Our government is seeming more and more broken every day. Ben Sasse, of all people, brought up a fairly decent point about how our legislative branch has been slowly handing over power to the executive branch and deliberately hamstringing its own ability to be held accountable by voters.

It was a pretty good speech, to be fair, but as usual with Sasse, it was undermined by the fact that he’s as much of a part of the problem as anyone else in the GOP by enabling a maniac like Trumpy.

We’ve seen this from Republicans for years now. A lot of bluster, followed by voting in near lock-step with Mitch McTurtle, a man that I wouldn’t follow into a 7-11, let alone off of a cliff in Congress.

Do not threaten Mayor McSquirrel! Try to be nice to each other!