It’s the Night Thread – and Fred Bobb’s Birthday!

We are but mere mortals; feeling, striving, thinking, imperfect beings who live a brief time and then fade, our bodies resting in the damp earth, soon to be absorbed. The stars that dot our evening sky are forever beyond our reach, and yet all we are, right here and far away. Far beyond the lifespan of our species, they will reign; spinning, exuding, radiating energy and the material to make a new generation, birthing the next great leap for this plane. Dare I dream?…Perhaps the bold among us may outstretch a hand, hoping to pull one down, observe it, truly understand that this is it. This is the universe, in all its glory, and we were lucky to see it. We should weep at the glory of the light.


Fred Bobb is that kind of man, I am sure; the person who wakes up, looks to the past, and thinks of the future. Please wish him well on this milestone for his journey to become one with the stars this fine evening, and have one for yourself as well.