Sports Corner – September 5

Yup.  At long last, the NFL, in all its tainted glory, starts its season tomorrow night. And as much as many of us want out, want to say goodbye to concussions and coverups, to Jerrah and Roger, to hamfisted patriotism and cold calculations of the hard cap, we are still paying attention. At least till someone pulls the football out from under our teams.


  • Ryan Howard officially retires from baseball
  • Michigan disappoints, Saban rants, Urban Meyer bites off what’s left of that foot in his mouth.
  • Roger Federer is out at the US Open, victim of the relentless heat and a player from Brisbane who likes the heat.
  • I don’t often link to other sites, but this story is, as the headline puts it, jaw-dropping.

A scheduling note: the next month has a lot of Jewish holidays.  I will try to set up the Corner in advance, but this might run late or not at all for a little while.