Movie Discussion: 9/4/2018

In current movie news, Crazy Rich Asians is still doing great and only had a slight box office drop this weekend. I haven’t see it yet, but the wife had a girls’ night out and came back loving it. She was especially impressed by Awkwafina.

Anyway, let’s discuss us some movies!

Movie Discussion Point: What’s the last “classic” that you’ve finally got around to seeing recently?

Starz Westerns had Shane on this weekend, and despite it being on somewhat late it was appointment viewing for me. Man… that is a pretty damn somber Western, a very different feel than the ones that came after it. It’s no surprise it provided a template for last year’s Logan. While it’s typically framed from the kid’s perspective, you can see the thing’s he’s missing out on. Why his loud pretend gunplay is distressing to his mother, the unspoken sexual tension between Shane and Marian and the fact that Joe kinda knows what’s going on, but isn’t going to do anything about it. Also Jack Palance is in it as a deadly gunslinger. Has that guy always looked old?