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90s Music Tournament Finals: Offer me alternatives

It’s Nirvana. It was always ever going to be Nirvana. They ran away with the first seed and haven’t had a single competitive matchup yet. There’s no reason to think they won’t defeat Beck handily. Their seismic impact was unmatched and not for nothing, their tunes still hold up shockingly well.

But no one likes a foregone conclusion. When you vote in a tournament, you’re not always going with what you like best, just whatever best available option remains. So before we congratulate our tournament winners, I want to give everyone a chance to advocate for their own personal favorites below. Some have already done so along the way, but now there’s an explicit space for it. Consider it a consolation. Our tastes are far more diverse and strange than such predictable results suggest.

I’ll still run the final round, of course, but I’ve already done the final brackets:

Thanks for playing, and I’ll see you at the next one.