Day Thread of Spooky Skeleton Facts!

Hello Avocados! It’s me, your favorite skeleton! But I’m not the only skeleton here– in fact, you’re all skeletons!

Have some fun facts!

  • Your hands and feet contain over one half of all bones in your body!
  • All bones are connected to at least one other bone, except for the hyoid bone in your throat. Your hyoid, your larynx, and your tongue all work together to produce your voice. (That’s not a skeleton fact, but it’s bone-adjacent.)
  • Bones are stronger than steel, and your bones can withstand 2-3 times your body weight.
  • Skulls start out as a few separate bones, but grow together during childhood. (To verify this, I had to google “baby skull”, which you really shouldn’t do.)
  • You can sell your bone marrow for $23,000 a gram! The bones themselves go for a few thousand dollars each.

pictured here is spooks

  • The collagen in bones constantly replenishes itself. That means that every 7 years, you have a completely new skeleton!
  • It’s legal to buy and sell bones in the US! You know what to do.
  • There are many different types of bones, many of which are joints. These bones fit together in very specific ways to help you move around!

joint types

  • Under a microscope, bones look like sponges. They’re very porous. In some bones, this is so there is room for nerves and blood vessels. In others, they’re just there for funsies.
  • Your skeleton accounts for about 14% of your body weight!
  • it’s my birthday today, september 3rd