Werewolves LXX: Much Ado About Werewolves – Day Two

In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.

Enter from right a short man, slightly rotund, in a garish purple suit.

Elton Owen John
It is I, the great bard, here to sing you a song of romance, of young love, of great tragedy, of great happiness, of the magic of… Gnomeo and Juliet !

Gather by, ye civil friends, and hear this tale, out of my lyre and head. On my word, it is the greatest tale not yet told!

Enter from left a coterie of shrouded figures, all in gray.

Unknown Figure
Aye, what is that one on about?

Another Unknown Figure
It is a great mystery.

The third figure approaches Elton Owen and stabs him through the heart with a sword, drawn from beneath the figure’s robe. Elton Owen falls over gasping, using his last breath to whisper, as his blood runs over the stone road…

Elton Owen John
Why doest thou murder me, foul wretch …

Unknown Figure
The last thing the world needs is yet another cribbed version of Romeo and Juliet.

Unknown Figure
By your leave, tis true!

Exit the unknown figures, as Elton Owen John plays in a puddle of his own blood. From offstage, the sound of hoofbeats approach. Enter from left, Sir Sic Beats.

Sic Beats
(To offstage)
Come along, we must find our liege! He may have met a siege! He could be in trouble! We should have kept him in a metaphorical bubble!

Sir Beats looks around, wiping his forehead. He notices suddenly Elton Owen’s dead body and cries out, rushing to his side and taking his body in his arms.

Sic Beats
No, not he! It cannot be! He is our king! We kiss his ring! Mad and deposed he may be, but only his highness can help us to see, the new version of young love in song! Killing him was so wrong!

A scoffing sound is heard from offstage, as an arrow sails by and hits Sir Beats in the head, killing him immediately.

A Voice From Offstage
Rhyming poems are laaaaaaaaame!


sic beats is dead. He was a Noble (Town) and a Courtier in the Mad King’s Court.

Owen1120 is dead. He was a Noble(Town) and the Mad King of the Court.

The Players

1) Owen1120

2) sic humor

3) Mr.ImMyOwnGrandfather

4) Clodia

5) The Hayes Code

6) April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer

7) hohopossum

8) Captain Video

9) Hegel Exercises

10) Spiny Creature

11) Lord Stoneheart

12) Lamb Dance

13) SisterJudetheObscure

14) D. Goat

15) forget_it_jake

16) dw

17) E-Dog

18) Grumproro

19) Lindsay DisasterLesbian

20) LouieBlue

Known Factions

15 12 Nobles (Town)

3 Villains (Wolves)

2 Vengeance-Seekers (Serial Killers)


  • Every player (save one) is in at least one faction (in addition to being a Noble, if they are a Noble), defined as a group of players with a common purpose, action, win condition, and/or QT.
  • Players, including Villains and Vengeance-Seekers, may be in multiple factions.
  • A player’s faction(s) and role(s) will be revealed upon their death, though the specifics of those faction(s) and role(s) may not be.
  • A majority of votes for a player or a No Lynch ends the day early.
  • A tie will result in an RNG death among the tied players.
  • Do not edit posts.
  • Do not directly quote or screencap from your QT.

Day Two will end on Saturday, August 31 at 8 pm EST.