Werewolves LXX: Much Ado About Werewolves Sign-Ups

The nobles of the kingdom of Luponn
Were used to days of merriment and nights
Of moonlit trysts in woods where faeries fawn—
They thought the earth a thing for their delight.

But secrets undergrew the kingdom’s heart,
Like creeping mold that gives the wood a bend.
As one man, in his time, plays many parts,
The nobles sought their own uncertain ends.

Revenge, remorse, desire, devotion, these
Were seeds of strife and villainy enough
To bring the merry kingdom to its knees—
Unless the nobles could lay on, Macduff.

To be the final faction is the game;
And though you know it, Werewolf is its name.

Werewolves LXX will start with 20 players. The players will be divided into 15 Nobles (Town), 3 Villains (Wolves), and 2 Vengeance-Seekers (Serial Killers), but with a single exception, every player will have a faction.

That’s right! (Almost) no one has to play this game alone! Of course, you may discover that you don’t love the people you’re playing with. That’s life, I guess.

For the purposes of this game, a “faction” is defined as a group of players with a common purpose, action, win condition, and/or QT. Not all factions will be public knowledge at the start of the game. In fact, most of them won’t be.

So, guys, decision time: To be, or not to be?

1) Owen1120

2) sic humor

3) Mr.ImMyOwnGrandfather

4) Clodia

5) The Hayes Code

6) April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer

7) hohopossum

8) Captain Video

9) Hegel Exercises

10) Spiny Creature

11) Lord Stoneheart

12) Lamb Dance

13) SisterJudetheObscure

14) D. Goat

15) forget_it_jake

16) dw

17) E-Dog

18) Grumproro

19) JonHamm’sJohnHam

20) LouieBlue



1) A Winged Potato

2) Candide

3) Lindsay DisasterLesbian

4) MacCrocodile