The Avocado Superhero Tournament- Final Results

After much adieu, we can finally crown the Champion of the Avocado’s Superhero Tournament. With a 79-50 win in his final match, the web-head himself… Peter Parker / Spider-Man 

Image result for spider-man comics

Not the most shocking choice, but I wouldn’t call it outright predictable- there was some tough competition, between the equally iconic Superman & Batman and consistently strong performers Wonder Woman (2nd Place) & Captain America (3rd Place). But in the end, this arachnid seems to have held a special place in people’s hearts. I’ll quote some words from @bannerthief yesterday,

I also think the thing that really sets him apart is that he seems so…real. He struggles, he has a hard time balancing his personal life with his superheroism, and it would be so much easier if he just threw away the costume and lived a normal life…but he doesn’t, because he has Great Power, and must deal with the Great Responsibility, and he can’t just wish his problems away like some other heroes. It’s hard to be a hero, and it’s challenging, and he does it anyway because he knows he has no other choice. I want to hug him and tell him everything will be okay.

And partially for fun and just to have  a little more to discuss- here’s the Avocado’s Top 25 Superheroes, based purely on how far they advanced in this tournament and did in Upvotes throughout.

1) Peter Parker / Spider-Man
2) Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
3) Steve Rogers / Captain America
4) Bruce Wayne / Batman
5) Clark Kent / Superman
6) Nightcrawler
7) Dick Grayson
8) The Thing
9) Thor
10) Barbara Gordon
11) Kitty Pryde
12) Wolverine
13) Hellboy
14) Black Panther
15) Luke Cage
16) Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel
17) She-Hulk
18) Storm
19) Bruce Banner / Hulk
20) The Tick
21) Hank McCoy / Beast
22) Doctor Strange
23) Jean Grey
24) Supergirl
25) Miles Morales / Spider-Man

Thank you everyone who voted and started fun discussions throughout this tournament!