Dark Sarcasm in The Classroom: Back to School Edition – Open to Everyone

Are you a teacher or student experiencing existential dread? A parent upset about having to provide pencils and tissues for a student that MAY SHARE THEM with the rest of the class? A cabinet level education official worried about another yacht getting vandalized and how to get guns to shoot grizzlies INTO public schools?

You’ve come to the right place! Welcome back to the very occasional Avocado education discussion*

Parents, teachers, students, caregivers, citizens who have a vested interest in education (that’s everyone, PS) please come and comment about back to school issues. Nothing is too mundane nor political here.

Be mindful of the Avocado rules and guidelines. Be respectful, be nice. B+, B-….Be Best.


*Anyone who would like to publish a discussion about education is welcome to any time. Please use the category “other” and “Dark Sarcasm in the Classroom” under tags to keep things organized.