The Collectible Card Games Thread – On Deck Building

Welcome to the *CG thread, where we talk all manner of Card Games – Collectible, Trading, Living, and otherwise! Feel free to chat amongst yourselves about the card games you’re playing or anything card game-related that strikes your fancy.

So we’ve talked about decks before, but the thing about decks is that before you can play with your deck (quiet in the back!) you have to build the deck.

Or at least, someone has to. The simplest way to get a deck is to just buy one outright. Most games have “preconstructed” decks available that you can buy and play right away. These are a great way to get new players into the game right away, so some games even give away really basic decks for free.

The next easiest thing to do is to let someone else come up with a deck for you – copying such a deck from the internet, or “netdecking” is looked down upon by some, but it’s a good path for players who find the strategic play aspect of the game more interesting than the creative outlet of deckbuilding.

As for that creative aspect, there are a bunch of different ways to actually build that deck. You can “semi-netdeck” where you take the skeleton of a deck from online and customize it yourself. You can pick an archetype and build towards that. In a game with factions, you can choose your faction first, then build your deck. You can even find a card or combo that you like and build everything else around that.

This week’s prompt: What’s your deckbuilding process? When you make a deck, how you find a starting place? How do you build out from there? How do you decide which cards to cut? Or do you tend to netdeck or play preconstructed decks?

Or, as always, feel free to talk about anything going on with you in the world of *CGs.