Werewolves 69: A Nightmare on Werewolf Street – Day 2

Dippy Fresh’s rode his skateboard up to his house and flipped it up on to the grass.  Today had not been the most rad of days with finding out about Jennifer and the potential for zombies out there and it was hard keeping things up on the flip-a-dip.  He headed inside, not even noticing his loving mom’s artfully arranged platter of baby carrots that she made for him, the perfect, rad after-school treat.

That night as he dozed off, his body felt transported to a long, dim corridor.  His skateboard was beneath him and he felt compelled to ride.  As he rode through, the corridor only seemed to stretch on further and get narrower and narrower, stretching into the dark, black infinite.  The only sound was that of what appeared to be little girls singing a nursery rhyme.

“One, two, Freddy’s coming for you.”

He pushed harder and harder, but the faster he went, the further away the end seemed to stretch.

“Three, four, better lock your door”

He was not used to this feeling of fear.  He was always so chill and laid back and yet now all he knew was pure terror filling every inch of his tiny frame.

“Five, six, grab a crucifix.”

He wanted to turn but he couldn’t bring himself to and so he just kept pushing forward.

“Seven, eight, Gonna stay up late.”

Every second of his life flashed before his eyes as all he could think of was his mom and her wonderful cooking.

“Nine, ten, Never sleep again”

The ground dipped below him as his skateboard careened down a halfpipe.  The speed was too much though and Dippy Fresh lost control of his ride and face planted onto the ground, his chest driving into sharp metal fingers that were waiting for just this result.

Lamb Dance is DEAD.  They were Dippy Fresh, an Innocent Teenager

Across town a restless figure stalked the night.  They were unable to sleep after ingesting some pills and thought they’d take a walk to blow off some steam.  Mr. Jenkins, the curmudgeonly neighborhood herbalist yelled.

“Hey you!  It’s awful late to be out.  Haven’t you heard about the Simmons girl and that jogger?  It’s not safe to be out late at night.  Get home you damn fool.”

Barely could he finish this sentence before the swing of a knife winged the figure, drawing blood and in response Mr. Jenkins grabbed his blunderbuss.

“Damnit, get the hell away you scoundrel or I’ll shoot.”

With the villain distracted for a second, the figure takes the chance to run away, but Mr. Jenkins isn’t so lucky.  He attempts to fire a shot at the encroaching lunatic, but too late does he realize that his gun isn’t loaded.  He turns to run, but he takes the first knife blow to the back followed by three more and a slash to the throat which leaves blood spurting from his carotid artery.  The killer looked up to find their initial victim and tried to follow the blood trail, one that doesn’t go far enough to be useful.  For now their prey lived to fight another day thanks to a bit of luck, but it may be borrowed time.

Tara Reid’s Severed Robot Head is DEAD.  They were Mr. Jenkins, an Herbalist

Cast List

1) Forget it Jake as Ann Veal
2) D. Goat as Dexter Goat – Innocent Teenager
3) The Hayes Code as Norville “Shaggy” Rogers
4) Mr.ImMyOwnGrandfather as Danny Torrance
5) Clodia as Piggles the Cat
7) The God King Snugglewumps as Veronica Lodge
8) Lindsay🦄DisasterLesbian as Jebf
9) Percival “Can Opener” Welth II as Himself
10) Sic Humor as Fritz
11) Admirax as Charlotte “Charlie” Newton
12) Lamb Dance as Dippy Fresh – Innocent Teenager
13) April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer as Hieronymus
14) Soupcan1120 as Chad Kensington
15) Grumproro as Jennifer Simmons – Innocent Teenager
16) Dw as Anonymous – Jogger
17) Tara Reid’s Severed Robot Head as Mr. Jenkins – Herbalist


1) MacCrocodile
2) Candide
3) Hohopossum
4) Klaatu Barada Doctor Nickto
5) Lovely Bones

Role List


8 5 Innocent Teenagers
1 Babysitter – Can see who visits and who sneaks out at night of a specific house
1 Teenage Detective – Can only return results for the three working together or town
1 Drug Dealer – Can deal drugs needed to stay awake
1 Mystery Role – Will be revealed on a later night
1 Jogger – Increased life expectancy of approximately six years
1 Herbalist – Able to craft non-magical herbal remedies


1 Unknown Slasher – Can only be killed at night
3 Unknown Villains Working Together

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10) Ape Shall Never Kill Ape