The Spoonie Thread is Spoons Ahead

Welcome to the Spoonie Thread, a place for all your rants, ravings, and tales of medical woe. What’s a spoonie? It’s a person living with a chronic illness or disability. Spoon Theory is an explanation of how chronic health problems affect one’s ability to do everyday tasks. Spoonie life is a life in which opportunity costs are high, and it can’t always be Two Things.

Spoonie News: A family in Oregon is suing their homeowners association after the HOA banned their daughter’s school bus from entering the neighborhood. It is not the first time this neighborhood has barred a bus for a special needs student from entering the neighborhood. Lawsuit: Oregon Sen. Jackie Winters, HOA denied bus service to child with disabilities

Today’s Optional Topic: Navigating the healthcare system. Did you have trouble getting doctors to take you seriously? Insurance always finding new and exciting ways to deny your claims? How do you cope?