New Game Releases 08/21/18

We’ve only got two weeks left in August which means…nothing! I’m not gonna lie, I’m a bit tired this week; probably shouldn’t have binge played Tomb Raider over the course of two days. Is there anything coming out this week that you want to binge play? Probably Shenmue, I’m going with Shenmue.


Guacamelee! 2 (PC/PS4)

Get ready for pulse-pounding luchador platforming action! Take on the role of Juan Aquacate on a quest to save time and space.  We’ve got another metroidvania game (do we have enough already?) on our hands, set in the “Mexiverse” which seems like a particularly racist name when coming from a bunch of Canadian developers. From what I’ve played of the first game, while it traffics in stereotypes and has corny jokes, it doesn’t hold Mexicans or their culture in contempt or paint them in a negative light; but as someone who comes from a Mexican background I don’t really know how I feel about this. Is this a Speedy Gonzalez situation where it’s racist but gets a pass or is it truly benign, because while it’s poking fun at the culture in a lighthearted way, it also has a respect for it, and like Coco, it brings a culture and sensibility to people who may not otherwise have a chance to experience it, even if it is a tricky in the way it presents that culture. At the end of the day though, do I want part of my heritage to only be thought of as guacamole and wrestling? I looked up previous discussions of the game and its content and came across this great article by Jorge Albor on Kotaku that I think is worth a read (


Hypergun (PC) – Releases Aug. 23rd

Well we’ve got another metroidvania already so why not another rogue-like! In Hypergun you will play through a series of simulations and each time you go through you will be given a new gun to try out with varying degrees of effectiveness. Mow down waves of bad guys and do your best to try and save the world.


F1 2018 (PC/PS4/ Xbox One) – Releases Aug. 24th

This is it folks, set your calendars because on August 24th you will witness the return of the media! That’s according to the trailer for F1 2018 (the 0:20 mark), which is welcome news to this ol’ media head. Is it any coincidence that this game is coming out just days after many major newspapers published a scathing editorial on President Trump’s constant attack on the media? I think not; so get ready, buckle up, and race your fucking heart out for the media, because they’re back!!


Little Dragons Cafe (PS4/Switch)

If I’m being honest, this is the one game I’m most excited for this week. Little Dragons Café is the latest game from Yasuhiro Wada, the creator of Harvest Moon. In this game you play as a brother and sister duo who run a café with their mother, but when she gets sick and falls into a deep sleep “…a strange old man appears…” telling the siblings, “…that they must raise a dragon in order to save her life”. I mean, story stuff aside, I just want to grow and harvest crops and run a café. That sounds super fun! No, I’m serious dad, god, why don’t you ever support me?!


Ports and Re-releases:

Shenmue I + II (PC/PS4/Xbox One). The seminal Dreamcast classic is now finally available in HD on modern consoles and PC! Fight people, collect capsule toys, play arcade games, race forklifts, look for sailors, it’s a never ending world of fun! Side note, remember when the original Xbox was basically a new version of the Dreamcast? Man, that was a crazy time.

Brawlout (PS4/Xbox One) – Get ready for smash-esque gameplay on your non-Nintendo consoles featuring a bunch of not famous characters and a few sort-of famous indie game characters!

As a note, I am significantly cutting down the amount of games listed in this section as there are generally a dozen or so ports that come out every week. I’ll try to focus this section to highlight some of them more interesting or prestigious releases. If anyone needs a full list I am happy to add them, but I will no longer give descriptions and/or snark on them.



Hollow Knight: Godmaster (PC/Switch) – Releases Aug. 23rd. I still haven’t played this game.



Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders (Switch) – Releases Aug. 23rd. From the Nintendo product page, “THIS IS THE ULTIMATE WWII AIR COMBAT GAME!”, ‘nuff said I guess.


Everything else:

Morphie’s Law (Switch) – Remember that weird sugar skull third person online shooter in which your limbs grew bigger whenever they got shot, and was supposed to come out for Switch? Well it came out and got the “available today” mic drop moment in the latest Nintendo mini-direct about upcoming indie games on the switch, speaking of…

Bad North (Switch) – This RTS game about Viking battles also got the “available today” treatment on the Nindie showcase, but will also be arriving on PC, PS4 and Xbox One very soon.

Track Lab (PS4 VR) – A new game for your PS4 VR headset. Mix tracks and create beats in real time, but not if you want to look at your TV, as this is ONLY possible through the magic of VR.

Tyler: Model 005 (PC/Xbox One) – Have you ever wanted to be a tiny robot in the 1950’s? Well now’s your chance!

The King’s Bird (PC) – Releases Aug. 23rd. Imagine someone took the cape flying mechanic from Super Mari World and turned it into a full game; The King’s Bird.

Spacelords (PC/PS4/Xbox One) – Releases Aug. 23rd. Originally released as Raiders of the Broken Planet in 2017, this game is making a name change and going free to play; usually a good sign.