The Superhero Tournament- Quarterfinals

Our Round of 16 proved mostly lopsided- the exception being the battle of The Thing vs Thor. Overcoming the disadvantage of multiple terrible film adaptions, it was The Thing who  64-62 at the close of the polls, ending the God of Thunder’s run.

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Also eliminated were Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Barbara Gordon, Kitty Pryde, Luke Cage, Hellboy, Wolverine, and Black Panther.

I expect our quarterfinals match-ups to look more competitive than last round, with some of the heavy hitting matches this time.

  • Coincidentally, each of our Quarterfinal matches is a Marvel vs a DC (fulfilling the predictions that the companies would even out in characters by the end).
  • Diana Prince stands as the last female superhero in our tournament.
  • The Thing is the lowest seed remaining, having been seeded 14th at the tournament’s start. Nightcrawler- the last of the X-Men- also might have been considered unlikely to make this deep of a run. But doing very well in both the Nomination and Group Stage put him in a strong position to survive with his 2 Seed.

Once again- all 4 match-ups will be posted below, with typical Avocado Tournament rules applying. You will have about 24 hours to vote on them. You can look over the full bracket here.