Coffee or Tea? Sunday Food Thread 8/19

What’s your preferred caffeinated beverage? Coffee and tea are the big two but if it’s something different that’s cool (and interesting) too. I’m pretty well hooked and dread facing a morning without my two cups of coffee, later in the day I do enjoy a cup of tea as well. I take my coffee black but occasionally will add in cream if real cream is available and do enjoy a cappuccino or latte once in a blue moon. For teas I tend to rely on regular old black or green and if I want something without caffeine I go for mint. Earl Grey and Constant Comment are also always in my pantry. I rarely drink cold coffee though sometimes iced if there’s an open tin of sweetened condensed milk around. I’ll always drink cold tea, or even room temperature tea.

Which is your choice and why? Or why not if none of the above.