1st Annual Avocado Fundraiser

As we rapidly approach the one year anniversary of our site, we need to take care of the grown up stuff before the celebrations can begin.  The overhead to keeping this place going is pretty reasonable, mostly because the work going into it is unpaid and may I give a big hearty thank you to all of you who contribute your time to make it possible.  But now we have a $300+ tax bill due to keep WordPress off our back.

That’s right, I’m asking for y’all to pay it.  I’m setting the goal at $350 to make sure it’s paid in full after GoFundMe takes out their share.  As soon as the goal is met, I’ll close it down.  There are plenty of people who have expressed interest in donating, so don’t feel you have to give up the big bucks.  Any contribution you can give will be appreciated.

UPDATE: Fundraising goal complete. Please stop throwing money at us.