The Thursday Politics Thread Is Off The Air

Morning Politocadoes!


Well, better late than never, the FCC has shut down Alex Jones’ flagship radio station. Liberty Radio, has been, albeit temporarily, pulled from the airwaves. It’s also been hit with a $15,000 fine for operating without a license. While the radio station had technically ceased airing by December of last year, it was still streaming online. The station broadcast from an Austin TX apartment complex linked to a Walter Olenick and an M.Rae Nadler-Olenick whom responded to the FCC’s actions very calmly and maturely. Nah, just kidding, they said they wouldn’t pay the fine and consider any representative to the agency to be a trespasser. So that’s fun!

This marks another in a line of setbacks for the snakeoil slinging brain-puncher. With youtube, spotify, facebook, and vimeo banning his show or otherwise deleting his presence on their platforms, its easy to see this as the end. But Jones’ comeuppance seems a little too late to undo any of the damage he’s done. He’s an utterly contemptible person that has ruined the lives of people already riven by unspeakable tragedy. Unfortunately, he’s created a powerful demand for his brand of anti-left, conspiratorial crazy and this will likely only embolden his supporters. The way they’ll square the circle about Ajit Pai somehow being a Deep State Agent or some such nonsense will be a thing to behold.

All said though, even if he never gets back his presence on those platforms, I think a safe bet could be made that he’ll get signed a contract with RT.

Other things of note:

-Trump removed Brennan’s security clearance. As I think was stated the last time this nonsense came around, people who are no longer in the government no longer are required to have top secret briefings anyway. What it does do, is allow current administration officials to get help and advice from former officials without having the FBI vet them. It’s an exercise in petulance at best, an exercise in dictatorial powers at worst. I hate that I cannot go a day without thinking about this Orange Hate Goblin.

-Disney has stood by their decision concerning James Gunn. This sucks mainly because it absolutely confirms that alt-righters can kick up any controversy over people they don’t like to silence their opinions so long as they’re attached to feckless organizations. In its attempt to tamp down controversy, Disney just made itself look worse than it did before.

– Confirmed. KellyAnne’s husband hates Donald Trump. She works for the most powerful mobster in the country, but her hubby can’t stand him. It’s KC and the Sunshine Administration! Thursdays at 8 on Fox!

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