1969 Snubby Awards: The Voting

After habitually posting this feature either a night or a full week late, we’re throwing a curveball an posting a day early because we’ll be driving across Pennsylvania tomorrow and after that, who knows. In what might be a sign that 1968’s a good time to stop, several categories couldn’t muster 5 nominees that cleared the very low bar of 3 upvotes, while a few categories have 6 nominees, but only because several contenders tied with just 4. So we’re sputtering to a close, at least until our furiously-contested 2018 Snubbies, which we’re dedicating in advance to Spike Lee missing out on well-deserved nominations for Best Director and Best Picture. Prove me wrong, Academy!

Anyway, on to 1969. As always, upvote as many films and performances as you think are deserving, but don’t suggest more! That was last week! Winners will be announced next Wednesday, maybe, depending on how things time out while I’m on vacation. Then onto 1968, and the final year of our journey into the past.