The Contras: Parallel Universes Make No Sense.

I am no physicist, so I don’t make this claim from a scientific or mathematical framework.  When I say parallel universes don’t make sense, I mean it the way they are explained and used in popular culture and readily accepted by the consumers of various media.  The standard explanation – every time you make a decision it causes a split into separate universes, the one you remain in and another created by making a different decision.  My two issues with this idea are as follows; first we accept this idea so readily in our media (and it has made for some of the best Star Trek episodes and is essential to the entire reboot) is our narcissism.  The fact that our decisions could make a difference on a universal scale is very appealing to us as individuals.  I have now lived long enough to realize that It’s a Wonderful Life is not a movie about an everyman who made the lives of everyone around him better – but a movie about an exceptional man who made lives of everyone around him better though that exceptionalism.  For most of us, all that we do impacts a very small circle of people and certainly not the multiverse.  Second and perhaps more importantly; why would we make a different decision?  If we are the sum total of our physical nature, our hormones, our environment and our experience then why when faced with a decision would there be another universe in which we make different decision?  You went right because everything in your make up to that moment told you to go right – you wouldn’t choose to go left, therefore there is no separate universe in which you did.  What other science or  pseudoscience do you feel is overused or simply foolish or both in pop culture or just bothers you in general?