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Guideline Update and Guideline Reminder

It’s time for the ever exciting time where we announce a new guideline! And also post a gentle reminder about some of our previously existing guidelines.

So, the new guideline. We’ve seen a lot of discussion and concern about people who wish to post more serious topics in the OT: sometimes there’s a feeling that serious topics are either unwelcome or that serious topics are unable to get serious responses. Sometimes, people hoping for serious responses to a real problem get snarky or joking comments and find that really unpleasant. While we don’t wish to police the general tone of the OT, we do wish to allow people seeking serious responses to get them. To that end, here’s our new guideline:

12. Serious Talk: The OT is meant to be just that: an open discussion. Often the tone of the OT is silly, but we want people to feel able to discuss freely there, including serious topics. We also appreciate that sometimes people appreciate silly responses to serious posts, and sometimes they very much do not. To that end, if you post a serious topic in the OT and would prefer only responses that are also serious in tone, tag your post at the beginning with /serious. It’s a good idea to do so in bold so people can see it clearly, but not required. The same general notes about reporting problem posts then apply: you may want to shoot an email to the mod email, as a flag may not give us enough context to know why the post is flagged.

If you see a /serious tag, respect it and do not respond to that person with jokes or snark. If you disregard a /serious tag, your post may be deleted.

Please note that sarcastically using the /serious tag is NOT encouraged.

If you have any questions about this guideline, here’s the place to post them!

You’ll notice this is guideline #12. More observant members may say “hey, wait a minute, there were ALREADY 12 guidelines! What’s the deal?!”. To which I say: we’ve removed a guideline! Due to it being largely unneeded, the “the two politics threads” guideline (which pertained to insulting crosstalk between the Daily Politics Thread and the Leftorium) has been removed. That doesn’t mean you should go on an insult spree, however. You should never do that.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind the community in general about a couple of our rules and guidelines, all of which can be found here:

Rule 1 – Flirting and Downtalk: Remember that you should not be engaging with flirtatious talk or downtalk (poking fun) with users unless you’ve established that that’s okay with them. Don’t assume that users you don’t know well are okay with that. Respect the boundaries of others if they tell you they aren’t okay with it. This is a huge part of keeping this community as fun and friendly as it is so you NEED to respect this.